Jul 26, 2011

Europeans, get ready for Startup Week 2011

Last week in Vienna  I met Andreas Tschas, CEO at STARTeurope, with who I've been in touch for a while.

Working on activating and fostering entrepreneurial thinking in Europe, they are now preparing for the European Startup Festival 2011 - an event gathering entrepreneurial people, mentors and investors, a total of 1000 European participants and 70 speakers for 5 days in Vienna.

Teaser STARTUP WEEK - The European Startup Festival from STARTUP WEEK on Vimeo.

The event is a great networking and business development opportunity I will not miss. Moreover, I want to spread the word about it and I hope that more like-minded entrepreneurs will join me there. I will be one of their ambassadors in Romania, so if my blog doesn't reach you, you will also find out about it on different media channels soon.

And this is not all. With STARTeurope's support, I will organize a local event to encourage the development of Romanian startup scene. To be announced soon...

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