Jun 13, 2011

What about young women as entrepreneurs?

Some time ago I thought it is weird to see in the media topics about women entrepreneurship...I thought there is no difference between men and women when it comes to entrepreneurship and we should not be treated as a "different species".

But then...

I entered the entrepreneurship world myself (woman, 23 y.o....also Romanian) and I started to meet more and more entrepreneurs and investors. And yes, they are mostly men! Conferences on entrepreneurship and investments are packed with men. My network of entrepreneurs and investors...they are all men! Everybody I meet from this area is a man!

And then I wondered...

Why is this happening? I am a woman and I really cannot see any drawbacks in being an entrepreneur. But a friend of mine gave me a good answer: "We, as women, do not have examples/ models in this matter!" She also added: "The only few women entrepreneurs I can think of are in the fashion industry. But I would like to see women entrepreneurs on things men are currently masters!"

True or false? Is this the reason?

Was funny to see that by searching on google about young woman entrepreneur (tanara antreprenoare in Romanian), google thought is a misspell and showed me results for young man entrepreneur (tanar antreprenor):

But anyway, even telling google that I am not joking about my search terms, I got as results only a few examples, and all of them in fashion or anyway something related to this. 


If this is the problem, that we do not have examples, then I want to do something about it. Through JADE Romania I am able to organize an event on this topic and I want to do it. I want to discover the few good examples of young women entrepreneurs (under 25 y.o.), show them to the world and have some debates. So...step one...can you help me find them?

This has to change!

Jun 8, 2011

What do you brag about?

Bragging is normal. We all do it. One way or another. Ok, it also depends to a certain extent on the culture (for example, Latins brag more :) But... The most important thing to analyze is actually ABOUT WHAT do we brag?! Because that thing shows what we consider to be sooo special.

That is why I consider that if somebody brags about SOMETHING, then that means he/she is unexperienced in that matter. It is something new for him/her. And even more, I noticed the following differentiation by reflecting on certain discussions:

- beginners brag about what they do
- middle level brag about people they got to know, about their network...
- specialists avoid to talk about it...they will tell you about their hobbies instead of their successful careers

What have you bragged ABOUT lately? :)