Jun 8, 2011

What do you brag about?

Bragging is normal. We all do it. One way or another. Ok, it also depends to a certain extent on the culture (for example, Latins brag more :) But... The most important thing to analyze is actually ABOUT WHAT do we brag?! Because that thing shows what we consider to be sooo special.

That is why I consider that if somebody brags about SOMETHING, then that means he/she is unexperienced in that matter. It is something new for him/her. And even more, I noticed the following differentiation by reflecting on certain discussions:

- beginners brag about what they do
- middle level brag about people they got to know, about their network...
- specialists avoid to talk about it...they will tell you about their hobbies instead of their successful careers

What have you bragged ABOUT lately? :)


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