Nov 30, 2010

Rising Stars

I always liked people with potential to grow fast professionally and in unconventional ways, rather than people that have an appropriate knowledge, experience and network for their age.

Having to recruit for 2 years very young people that don't have yet too much professional experience and work with/ manage them, I learned to be able to spot those with good professional potential, deciding just by their attitude. Some ingredients for the success recipe: enthusiasm, ambition and curiosity.

Unfortunately, not many people offer these young people the opportunity to rise and shine in the way they can. Most of the companies hire them on internships/ entry level positions where they give them small tasks and instructions, patterns to follow. More on this idea, I can recommend you the new book of Seth Godin: "Linchpin". And by the way, soon there are some meetups with fans of the book - for sure there is one near you too.

For the purpose of encouraging these Rising Stars that exist among us, I will launch soon with some fellows a project in Bucharest that aims to give the young people here the chance to prove their true potential at very early stages.

More info soon!


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