May 2, 2011

Why move on?

Usually we go through our university years trying to develop ourselves for the world that comes after inside companies (employed or as entrepreneurs). But what if you actually prepare yourself to be a specialist on students and academia market?

I got my Bachelor degree two years ago. And I did not go for Masters. Even so, I am still a lot involved in the students world...and probably will still be for a while. My business is about internships for students, and I am still involved in JADE - an organization that fosters entrepreneurship through students.

Most of the people around me do not understand this phenomenon. For them is normal to move on, go out of the students world and enter the corporate world. Actually, if I think more about it, just the students were those who did not understand why I don't move on, as they are in the rush to leave "this world" and jump in the next. But experienced business people looked at me with admiration for what I am doing, seeing in it a normal evolution that most of them did not think to grasp when it was their time.

So if I got to know and understand well lots of aspects related to academia and students life, why not capitalize on it, and in the same time develop it for the wellbeing of future generations of students?!

So prepare to hear soon more about my current and near future projects:

- An innovative business incubator for students entrepreneurs in Bucharest

- A new Junior Enterprise in Bucharest that will act as a Marketing Agency that will operate for companies that target students

- Business lunches between entrepreneurs and Junior Entrepreneurs from Bucharest and Cluj

- A business developing the Romanian internships system as a bridge between education and business

...and maybe more! (all with the help of other great young people)


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