Oct 26, 2011

Entrepreneurial employees to boost innovation

A growing number of companies are putting strategies in place to let their employees express their entrepreneurial spirit. Intrapreneurship is gaining ground among companies facing constant innovation challenges  as well as constantly exploring ways to improve the motivation of their personnel.

Intrapreneurship bypasses the constant financial problems entrepreneurs face. It gives individuals the opportunity to initiate entrepreneurial and innovative projects in a secure environment provided by the company for which they work.  It creates  new  professional development and personal achievement  opportunities that  boost employee  motivation  and  increase retention. Intrapreneurship brings  undeniable  value  to  Human  Resource strategies, in addition to growth potential to the company; a win win situation for employers and employees

Experienced innovators and some of the most inspiring speakers in the areas of intrapreneurship and innovation will share their views and experience during Intrapreneurship Conference 2011, the first international conference on Intrapreneurship.  Major entrepreneurs from Alcatel-Lucent,  Google, Rabobank & Exki will address the positive impact of intrapreneurship in their organizations, how it unleashed creativity and empowered employees to better achieve personal objectives as well as  getting higher recognition for what they are doing. They will also address challenges that may be faced when developing Intrapreneurship strategies.

Intrapreneurship Conference 2011 will take place on December 2nd, 2011 in Brussels.

For more information and registrations: www.intrapreneurshipconference.com

Source: Press Release from organizers

Personal note: I was honored to be invited to this conference, as I am organizing International Conference on Intrapreneurship next year (19-22 July, Mamaia, Romania). I am a huge fan of people joining forces in promoting good concepts, so I hope that our two events will have a great impact on future workforce and employers in order to bring more innovation in our economies.


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