Jan 17, 2012

If you came from Mars, you would think we're worshiping screens here

This is a good quote from last edition of Next Conference (my Next Conference 2011 review here)
Meanwhile, it became even more obvious. Just look around. Smartphones, tablets, laptops. Oh and I hope you did not miss the new toys from CES that are preparing to "invade" us soon:

Now that we have all those shiny goodies it is time to stop just being childishly amazed, but to realize the way they are changing our lives. Did I say change? Let's better say improve our lives. Or no, even better: enable us behave even more naturally.

Yes. I believe you should not use a mouse or touchpad to click on the screen, but use multitouch screens or eye-controlled surfaces. I believe you should not read an article in a printed magazine and then write the website in your browser, but to scan the QR code with your phone and go directly. I believe you should not exchange business cards at conferences and then introduce them in your agenda and social networks, but to wave your phone next to the other's and automatically connect on social networks. I believe you should not use a car navigator, but to have the way displayed with augmented reality on your car front window. And so on....

So now that we have all these and each day much more, how do we make the best use of them? What are the smartest business partnerships? What are the smartest marketing moves? What are the smartest designed applications? And in the end, how can we as consumers benefit the most?

Many answers will be given at Next Conference 2012 in Berlin, on 8th and 9th May. Main topic: Post Digital.

"In that sense what Post Digital actually is is the end of the beginning. It marks the transition from the era where we’re excited by the shiny new digital toys that we have, and start to become excited by the changes that these shiny not-so-new toys are making in the way we live, in the objects we have around us." - http://nextberlin.eu/2012/01/what-is-post-digital/

I will be there.

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