Mar 27, 2012

21st Century Nomads

Through all the history of human kind, people were moving from place to place in search of better resources. Although one would say that nowadays we are not nomads anymore, and that we are more settled, I cannot stop noticing a new interesting trend in our lives.

In a globalized economy and with Y generation growing as proportion in workforce:

1 We cannot be tied to just one office, in one fixed location. Therefore co-working spaces emerge - there are more and more of them, and they get more and more connected. (More info here: )

2 Working in different places requires living in different places. Therefore home exchanges emerge - more and more platforms to swap houses temporarily. (Examples:, etc.)

Video interview about co-working with Matti Biskup, Head of Business Development at DeskWanted:

Video interview about co-working with Jean-Yves Huwart, CEO Entreprise Globale and organizer of Co-Working conferences 


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