May 21, 2012

Facebook first users were in Ivy League. Where can you start from in Europe?

Ok, so you (tech business) have a target group of users/ consumers. But what is the first pool of people you address to and where do you find them?

A smart first step of Facebook was to address certain tribes of intelligent early adopters, connected between themselves. Mark Zuckerberg started inside Harvard, then expanding to other top universities from Ivy League, then to high-schools and so on. That led to a natural unbeatable growth, incomparable to advertising in vain to everyone (which seems to be facebook target group today).

Another social network, mycube, based in Singapore, created an insanely attractive internship programme before they launched. This way, they got the attention of many bright students all over the world that were trying to secure their place in the programme. It offered the company a great entrance to top universities all over the world and their first users there. Seems quite smart to invest money in attractive internships and to create buzz through the interns, rather than paying for advertisements.

And there are many more examples... do you plan to make your first move?
If you are a tech startup interested in a great first pool of users, students from top universities in Europe, interconnected...then I would like to introduce you to my network: JADE - European Confederation of Junior Enterprises. What can be more of a golden mine for you than a network of early adopters from top 200 universities all over Europe, that are connected among themselves as well and that can use your product for personal or professional use (as they run their Junior Enterprises)? Our first partner in this sense: Podio

Tell us about you and let's find the best partnership opportunities. Contact me or go on the contact page of JADE website. 


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