May 14, 2012

Junior Entrepreneurs turned Entrepreneurs [case 1]

There is still a debate if entrepreneurship can be taught or not.

Before giving opinions, I suggest to look at the facts. In my past few years I was a member of JADE - European Confederation of Junior Enterprises - a network that utilizes the concept of learning by doing to develop entrepreneurial mindsets among students. 

Lately, I am bumping more and more often into colleagues from these years that after the Junior Enterprise experience started their own businesses. 

So I decided to spot and highlight them, showcasing how this network can foster entrepreneurship. 

My first showcase: - a startup of two former Junior Entrepreneurs, members of icons, an Austrian Junior Enterprise. I have met them at Next Conference in Berlin last week - they were one of the 10 finalist pitches. They were telling me how they became co-founders after working together in the Junior Enterprise (so this is a great way of testing potential co-founders before starting your business) and how Austrian and German Junior Enterprises help them now spread. So let's wish them success or, even better, let's help them grow.

In the video below you can see what they are doing and especially, how the Junior Enterprise experience and the network helped them get where they are today.

More showcases to be posted here on my blog soon.

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  1. Great initiative, Adelina! Well done!